Level 31 in Pokemon Go – here’s the first person to collect all the Pokemon

So I’ll be completely honest when sharing that I am currently at Level 4 in Pokemon Go and I’m fairly certain I have about a zillion Pokemon to go before I collect them all. Which puts me pretty far behind Nick Johnson, a guy in Brooklyn who says he has captured all the Pokemon.

If you want proof, here’s a look at Nick’s Pokedex:


(Image credit – Nick Johnson)

As a point of comparison, here’s my Pokedex:


To get to the 142 caught Pokemon, Johnson ended-up catching a total of 4,629 Pokemon all while holding down a 50+ hour/week job. Given that Pokemon Go was released this month that is no small feat. According to Johnson he didn’t sleep much but he did exercise more than ever before thanks to the game, and lost weight in the process.

If you’re getting jealous right now, don’t worry, Nick’s a nice guy and actually shared some pretty solid tips for collecting Pokemon that he shared with the world.

Congrats to Nick, something tell me it’s going to take me over a year to do what you did in less than a month. Well done!

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  • Ben July 25, 2016, 8:54 am

    Hi Morgan,

    There is nothing educational about Pokemon Go… and, if you are adult and playing this game… you might want to consider getting some mental help and find a life instead of Pokemon. If you are 5-6 yo …i can understant it might be fun…but when you are an adult … god bless you. Those who play are no different from chickens on a farm. The good part of it? You can manage your life like you want. And, just to mention, but that game is nothing else than a waste of time. People might want to take off their noses out of their smartphones… they are getting more stupid each day. You can learn and see a lot of interesting things in live when you open yourself… Pokemon? It s also dangerous. People are so mind control that they can get get killed by trying to catch an image put on their screen. No wonders.. why people are dumb. When you are dumb it s easier to control you. Last year, people were getting killed to take “selfies”… now, it s obvious that somebody will get killed by playing this non-sense game. It s even a waste of time. But, it s a free world… people can manage their life like they want. They can only blame themselves for been stupid individuals. Instead of playing and wasting their time with this stupid game, they might just want to learn what is going on in their country and elsewhere. R.I.P.

    • Morgan July 25, 2016, 6:20 pm

      @Ben – haha, thanks for sharing…and who said I was an adult? 😉


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