Listening to my Readers/Viewers

First – I’d like to start-off this post by saying that my readers/views have spoken – and I am listening! I have heard a lot of great feedback since I switched to 100% video, however I’ve also had some people email me about the frequency of my posts. I used to post every few days and with video it is not always possible for me to do this.

Also – I have a lot to say. I am absolutely passionate about this industry and love educating people and sharing techniques that have worked for me as well as my thoughts on current trends. Thus, while I will still be posting at least one video a week I will also be providing my usual text posts again so as to increase the frequency of my posting.

As always – I hope this blog inspires people and continues to be a source of information for Domain Name Investors. I love hearing from my readers/views and have always let this drive the content and delivery mechanisms of my blog. Keep em’ coming – as Dr. Frasier Crane says, “I’m Listening.”

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