.Mobi – The next Big TLD?

DomainPulse.com has a great post today on an article from E-Commerce times about the .mobi TLD. Some great data here to back-up the claim that .mobi domains are indeed a good investment.

As a big .mobi fan this is just more confirmation that this TLD could be the next big thing in the Domaining world.

Here is the post from DomainPulse.com

I would be interested to hear some comments on this. What do you think? Is .mobi the next big TLD? Could .mobi go head-to-head with .com in the near-future as more and more people access the Internet via mobile devices?

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  • Martin Edic December 20, 2007, 1:43 pm

    I guess I’m on the record several places as believing that .mobi is going to be dead in the water by this time next year because of two things:
    – full browsers on phones, i.e. iPhone (and iPod Touch)
    – Larger and higher res monitors on phones (see above)
    You do not need a ,mobi site when these two innovations break out into the general phone market. Once you’ve used a ‘real’ browser on a phone with a decent screen there’s no going back. Especially when you add in ‘free’ wi-fi access which Apple is forcing the telecom companies to do…

  • Roger December 20, 2007, 4:17 pm

    Mobi will not compete against .com. But it will surpass all the other extensions by the end of 2008 —
    I have several “smart phones” and I surf the web with these mobile communication devices all day — technology will not make mobi obsolete — it will just enable mobile surfers like me to go through sites even faster. Sometimes I prefer the google.com, when I have time. But when I’m on the go, which is almost always, give me the streamlined mobi version of google.mobi or time.mobi or expedia.mobi or espn.mobi — I’m part of the fast generation – here at Stanford University we like to get to the heart of the matter as opposed to extraneous B.S.
    everybody thought my dad was a moron in the 1990s when he invested in generic dotcoms – “those are all worthless”, they taunted him. Well, I guess he showed all those brilliant savants who said only branded names were valuable, not worthless generic dotcoms — thanks, Dad, for paying for my education and making contributions to charitable orgs around the world!


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