Morgan Linton Interviews Frasier from The Water School

At DOMAINfest in Santa Monica I had the opportunity to learn more about The Water School – an incredible charity that makes a huge impact. When I first heard about the charity I thought I understood what it was all about…it wasn’t until I had the chance to speak with Frasier that I really learned how incredible The Water School is!

This is one interview I think absolutely every single one of my readers should watch. Take a step back from your own life for moment and try to understand what it would be like to live somewhere without access to clean water. It’s something we all take for granted but so many people around the world lack this absolutely essential resource. The Water School IS making a difference and even a small donation goes a long way! Oh – and don’t think you understand this right-away, you really have to hear this interview to understand how incredible the Water School is!

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