Live Tonight at 7:00PM PST

Sorry for the late-notice this week, I’m trying to give at least 24-hours notice but failed again! It’s been a busy and exciting week with the .CO launch and as usual I have plenty of thoughts to share! So join me tonight at 7:00PM for an extra-special edition of

You can tune-in on or use the video and chat window below. Here’s the schedule for the show:

  1. Let’s talk .CO – love it or hate it? You tell me your thoughts and let’s discuss!
  2. Favorite Domaining Blog Post
  3. Domaining Lightning Round
  4. Spotlight Your Site
  5. Final Thoughts

Webcam chat at Ustream

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  • Antoni June 3, 2012, 6:20 pm

    OMG!! I wish ya’ll would release the dates alardey my sister and I are dying to find out when you will be in VA we are alardey planning on going to ALL 4 shows in VA luckily we are both in central VA so it’s like 2 hrs in all directions to go to all 4 venues in VA plus depending on when you play the surronding State we might just have to travel there to see you as well .. we have family in TN, WV, PA & NC so we can & will hit all the states if we have to! PLEASE come to VA during the April convention so we can have a drunken monkey weekend! We will see us at all 4 shows in VA and you won’t be able to miss us .. I stand at 6 ft tall WOO HOO 100 Monkey’s rock!!


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