Live Tonight at 7:00PM PST – You Won’t Want To Miss This Episode

Tonight at 7PM PST we’ll have another exciting episode of! If you missed last night’s show don’t feel too bad – I was attacked by computer problems so the beginning of the show my viewers spent more time listening to my theme music than me! Luckily I got everything working and we ended-up having a GREAT show!

Well tonight we’re back in action and I’ll be taking LIVE calls from you! That’s right you can actually call-into my show and say whatever you want! There’s no screening – it’s live, you call and you’re on the air! Is this taking a risk? Absolutely!

Here’s the schedule for the show tonight with the video and chat screen located below for your convenience. Remember – you can always watch the show directly on

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  • Randall - DotElement June 23, 2010, 8:08 pm

    Hey Morgan,

    This is the second show I have seen and your doing good.
    I would look into the follow:

    The glitching of the screen.
    Read chat more, allot of talk is going into the chat among domainers that you miss.
    Recognize domainers when you first see them, ChefPatrick, Mike Cohan was there, Shane, Steve, Tia and a few more larger names.

    Other then that I think your doing a great job. Keep up the work.

    • Morgan June 24, 2010, 12:42 pm

      Thanks for the feedback @Randall!

      Screen glitches are now completely fixed and luckily were only an issue for the first couple minutes of the show. I’ve that I can’t have any computer in my house running the stream while I’m streaming out.

      I’m reading the chat as much as I can but also need to make sure to be able to run the show – it’s a balance and I’m definitely working to optimize it as best as possible. That being said I’ll never be able to see absolutely everything that people type-in but I do my best to respond as much as possible.

      When Shane came-in I made an announcement as I did the second I saw Patrick, and gave a huge thanks to Tia, Dan, Steve, and everyone else for joining in. I really appreciate everyone’s support and always want to acknowledge everyone who participates in the show. It may take a minute though for me to see when someone new has joined but when I see them I always say hello!

      Thanks again for the comments @Randall and I hope to see you on the show tonight!


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