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Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my Flippa Five. This week I’m changing the rules a bit to make sure I am recommending what I do really think are some of the best domain names on Flippa. I can change the rules because, well it’s my blog and I can do what I want, oh and Flippa introduced a new feature that I think really strengthens their platform.

Now when an auction ends you can still make offers on a name which means that rather than having great inventory fall off the site, the option to buy is still there. You will notice that a majority of the names I have listed below didn’t sell in auction but are still available to buy. So enjoy this week’s list and enjoy the rest of your weekend! – my cousin used to buy Gemstones on eBay like it was going out of style. I’ve never been a gemstone collector myself but I can tell you many people are and this is the category-killer and a stronger name than the singular IMO. – I’ll pretence this by saying that I am bidding on this name. From 3D printing to 3D games I think 3D is a term we’re only going to hear more and more about in the future. Given that the .IO extension has seen strong growth on the API-side I think this is the perfect domain for someone building libraries for 3D printing, 3D gaming, virtual reality, you name it. This is a strong brand and I name that I personally would like to buy and hold. – as a retro-gaming fan I have to say this is one of my personal favorites. Video game consoles are a big business and I’m not just talking about current systems. We live in a time where older consoles (you know the ones you grew up with like Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis) are seeing a serious comeback. This is a great domain that I could see being used for a blog or eCommerce site, either way it’s easy to spell, easy to remember and just as strong (if not stronger) than – everything is being automated and while I think I do like more, is a close second. Solid name with a very broad spectrum of use cases. + – I’ve never included a .UK or .CO.UK name in my Flippa Five but this bundle really stuck out to me since since number domains are very hard to come by. I’d only recommend this for someone in the UK who is running a business online. The nice thing about single number domains is that they can be used for virtually anything and are incredibly easy to remember and type on a mobile device.

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  • Kevin Fink March 8, 2015, 8:17 pm

    Great picks, Morgan ~ We happen to agree šŸ™‚

    • Morgan March 8, 2015, 9:37 pm

      Thanks @Kevin!


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