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Hello, happy Monday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. This week some very nice one-word .COMs (my favorites) hit Flippa however a couple of these, like and, while being incredible domains, are priced a bit above what I’d call “investor pricing” but they are actually very reasonable when it comes to end-user pricing, just not a lot of room to flip IMO. Other domains like haven’t hit their reserve but time will tell where it’s priced.

Enjoy, there are some real gems on this list! – nice one-word .COM, a little long for my taste, but it makes up for it with some real charm. With an $100k starting price it is going to be interesting to see if this gets much bidding activity. Still, I love the domain! – only 16 hours left, at $18,000 and the reserve has not yet been met. This could creep up above the reserve price closer to the finish. I like 3L .COMs but the “E” and “Q” are definitely going to hurt the value. – 18 year-old domain, plenty of nice broad uses but certainly lends itself well to sports or video games. Currently at $5k but lots of time left. – like, this is another monster domain, but it has a $100,000 starting price so it’s likely a better fit for an end-user or a domain investor with deep pockets and a long time horizon. – currently at $10,000, reserve not met. I’m a sucker for one-word .COMs but I’m not usually a fan of negative words like this. The challenge here is that while it’s a solid domain, it literally means “gross” so that limits it’s use quite a bit. At the same time, it’s perfect for some things, just not as broad as a domain like

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