Morgan’s Flippa Five: Brandable domains for startups

domains-for-startups – I wrote an article about how much I love two-word .COMs last night and this is a great example of a two-word .COM that will make a great brand. 11 years-old at $7,000 with 10 days to go. – this normally wouldn’t be the kind of name that would catch my eye but let’s face it, Pokemon go is the most popular app on the planet now and people are wandering the streets and crashing their cars trying to find Pokemon. – 23 year-old one-word .COM and the “X” might just make it cool, but I’d still want to own as well since I could easily see people getting confused. – I bot, you bot, We Bot. Another solid brand for anyone in the robotics space. – sure, it’s a negative word but it’s still a nice big juicy 4L .COM that actually means something. Currently at $50k and hasn’t hit reserve, let’s be honest, names like this sell for $100,000+ all the time.

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  • Paolo August 2, 2016, 12:33 pm

    I like WeBot a lot!

    About PokeFind, is not this name an issue generator?
    pokemon is TM but i’m pretty sure that they can create trouble on names like:
    pokeball, pokegear, pokeradio and so on.
    What do you guys think on this?


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