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Hello, happy Saturday and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. Every week I go through Flippa’s domain listings, by hand, no automated software used, and hand-pick five domains I think could make solid brands. If you’re a startup looking to build your brand online, a good domain name is a great place to start. Flippa has domains in every price range with names for a few hundred dollars all the way up to a few hundred thousand dollars.

Most of the domain names I pick for this weekly features are names I think will sell in the sub-$50,000 range (most in the sub $25,000 range) which makes them much more accessible for startups. If you want to learn more about how to figure-out your budget for a domain, make sure to read – How much should a startup spend on a domain name? Now onto my top picks for this week, enjoy! – strong domain name for a startup in the VR space, four characters, easy to remember, easy to spell, these are the kind of domains I absolutely love. It also doesn’t hurt that the domain is 15 years-old. – offers start at $10,000 for this domain but it’s one of the best one-word .COMs I can think of for a startup that makes something related to drinking, be it water, beer, wine, it works for all of them IMO. – another meaningful, easy to remember .COM, this only works in some niches so it’s not a perfect generic like an Amazon or Apple but it’s still a word you can expect 99% of people to know, and they’ll know how to spell it to, that combo is a good one. – great brand for a ride-sharing startup, with Uber and Lyft no longer in Austin we have our fair share of ride-sharing startups from Fasten to Fare, Drove could be the next. – if you make a product that is supposed to make someone look or feel younger, there’s probably no more obvious name than, positive word and something that most of us would like to feel, or look, okay – both!

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