Morgan’s Flippa Five – Brandable Domains for Startups:, and more

Hello, happy Saturday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. In case you’re just joining us now, here’s a quick rundown of this weekly series. Every week I go through Flippa’s domain auctions (by hand, no fancy tools involved) and select five domains that I think would be a good fit for startups. I try to find domains that are priced low or at the very least are still in a reasonable range when I see the bidding in action.

This is not a series for domain name investors so don’t confuse my Flippa five with a list of names that you can acquire at wholesale. Instead I’m looking for names that a startup can use for years to come, not a domain that you’ll buy and try to quickly flip for a profit. Got it? Okay, let’s get to my domain picks for this week! – 19 year old one-word .COM, I could see this name being a great fit for a startup in the network security space. Easy to remember, easy to spell, and currently under $7,000 but the reserve has not yet been hit. – I’ll stay by saying this is a very niche-specific domain, not something with a lot of broad use cases. That being said, if you’re a startup that has an automated tool to unfriend spammy friends on Facebook, this might just be the name you’re looking for. – nice four-letter brandable .COM, this one is not niche specific so could be used for a startup in just about any industry you can think of. I see this as a nice upgrade for a startup that been searching for a short, easy to remember name. – I’ve covered this domain before and it looks like it’s back up for auction. Great fit for a startup in the book space, eBook or those old physical books that we all used to read. It’s also a 20 year-old domain which never hurts. – if you’re a startup that makes an API in the search space this is a solid name. While I don’t typically recommend .IO domains for consumer-facing startups, I’ve seen them do very well in the developer community with startups that make APIs.

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