Morgan’s Flippa Five: Brandable domains for startups –, and more

brandable-domains – solid one-word .COM, a little long for my taste but that usually means it will be a better deal than it’s shorter neighbors. It’s a word that everyone knows so it’s easy to remember and I sure hope everyone can spell it. – great domain for a startup that teaches PHP classes or a consulting company offering PHP coding services. Pretty niche specific, but great if it’s your niche. – 22 year-old one word .COM perfect for any startup in the GPS or mapping space. – another nice aged domain, 21 years-old and a nice choice for a media agency looking for a good, easy-to-spell, easy-to-remember domain name. – okay so this one is very specific, but given how popular Facebook is I thought it was still worth including. You’d probably have to be a startup that has created some algorithmic unfriending technology, and if that sounds like you, this is probably the best name out there.

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