Morgan’s Flippa Five: Brandable Domains For Startups –,, and more

Brandable Domains – at a time where both ride-sharing and GPS navigation are hotter than ever this is a hard name to beat. 22 year-old one-word .COM and at the top of my list for a reason. – great .IO name and the market definitely sees value it’s already at $3,500 with nine days to go. Great brand either for a startup in the aeronautics space or a company that builds software or APIs for anything that flies. – hard not to include this one even though I don’t think it’s an incredible brandable domain, the word has had so much media attention that it definitely has some very meaningful built-in traffic. – you should, I should, we all should. What we “should” do is up to the person who buys this name. – great brand for a travel blog or a company that builds time machines…okay, we’ll stick with travel blog for now 🙂

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  • Laviebika October 10, 2016, 7:36 pm

    What search ? this good , this good .


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