Morgan’s Flippa Five: Brandable Domains For Startups –,,

brandable-domains – 20 year-old one word .COM, my favorites. With a starting price of $8,888 it does take a more serious buyer but names like this have a solid track record of selling in the five and six-figure range. – currently at $30 but it hasn’t hit the reserve price yet. If you run a backup service this would likely be a nice name to have, even if you just forward it to enjoy some free direct navigation traffic. – for anyone starting a coding school this name is about as good as it gets. Not much more to say, the name speaks for itself. – 13 year-old .COM, immediately makes me think of a service that can physically print photos you take on your Smartphone. Easy to spell, easy to remember, a great brandable. – I think this might be the first time I’ve featured a .CAR domain in here but this is a solid one. I could see this as a great fit for a startup that’s doing a ride sharing service focused on black cars. Funny enough this is how Uber started out.

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