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Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. Each week I go through Flippa’s domain name listing and hand-pick five domains that I think could be a great fit for a startup looking for a solid domain name.

Like any auction, keep your budget in mind and know that you might not always get the domain you want at the price you expect so it’s always good to have a list of alternatives ready to go if you don’t get your first choice. – I love one-word domains, and this 17 year-old one word .COM is a nice one. I could see this being used for a company building a next generation VR console. – very memorable two-word .COM. Easy to remember, easy to spell, broad range of uses from the coupons to coding. – nice one-word .CO domain in a no reserve auction so it’s guaranteed to sell. – nice financial domain, I’d image the .COM would have a six-figure price tag so this is a great way to brand around “repay” if you don’t have the budget for the .COM yet. – fun, brandable one-word .COM, very broad use cases but it definitely lends itself to music and dancing.

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