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Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. Lately I’ve been laser-focused on very short .COMs but today I thought I would throw a couple of two-word .COMs that I like into the mix. Enjoy! – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love three character .COMs, when it comes to investment-grade domains that will stand the test of time, 3L’s are a great choice. I’m not crazy about the “V” and the “A” but I still like this name. – textbook 4L .COM, no vowels, easy to remember, I really like this one. – while I’m not investing in many two-word .COMs now, this is the type of name I like. Aspen is one of the top ski vacation destinations on the planet and for those with the development itch there is a ton of potential with this name. – this is a huge market and only getting bigger, heck I wear yoga pants around the house because they are so darn comfortable. I think I paid $100 for my Lululemon’s and they were worth every penny. Solid two-word .COM with some flip potential and plenty of development potential. – another beautiful three character .COM, enough said!

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  • John January 31, 2016, 7:33 am

    Hi Morgan-we own so we’ll be curious what and to who your “” pick sells tp. Thanks for the post!


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