Morgan’s Flippa Five:,,

Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Sunday and welcome back to my weekly Flippa five. Every week I hand-pick five domain names that on Flippa that I think could make good investments. I am continually impressed with the quality of the domain on Flippa each week and this week definitely continues to set the bar high. Enjoy! – this is a monster name, heck like just call it like it is, this name is a Goliath. Solid one-word .COM that is generic, easy to remember, and a word that everyone knows. It’s not an incredibly commonly used word but that doesn’t stop me from thinking this would be a steal under $20k. – while this domain does only make sense to a very specific market it’s a meaningful four character .COM and there aren’t that many of those out there. – I think this might be the first time I’ve had a .CA domain in my top five, and it’s a two-word .CA name but it’s a great one, it’s 15 year old, and the price is low. I see this as a bit of a dark horse, this name definitely hasn’t received a lot of attention which means that it could go below wholesale making it a good buy. Just be careful the price doesn’t shoot up or you could end-up paying retail for this name, remember .CA names historically sell for a lot less than .COM. – I’m a sucker for 3 character .COMs and I especially like it when they are pronounceable words, which typically means there’s a vowel in the middle. Very broad use cases and it rhymes with “yum” so could have some fun branding options in the food space. – I have covered this one before and since there’s only four days left in the auction I thought I’d cover it again. At over $3,000 it’s definitely a risk since there is not a ton of sales history for .IO but I honestly see this as a five-figure name so I still think it’s a good deal even if it goes into $5k+ territory. Just know you are taking a much higher risk investing in .IO than .COM so bid with caution here.

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