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Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. Flippa recently debuted a new version of their website and I have to say it’s a major improvement and puts a clear focus on their target market, entrepreneurs.

Since I write this weekly post specifically for Domain Name Investors I’ll re-iterate what I’ve said many times before. When it comes to investing in domains I recommend sticking to .COM, if you want to experiment with new gTLDs go for it and I think everyone should but the bulk of your investments should be .COM if you’re looking for something with proven liquidity.

I write a lot about new gTLDs because I think they are breaking new ground and .XYZ made major progress this week which I think is absolutely fantastic for all of us. Still, I don’t think this means you should suddenly start shifting your investment strategy to be new gTLD-focused. If you want to dig deeper and understand my stance on investing in new gTLDs you can read about it here. Now onto my top picks for this week! – this name is an absolute monster and IMO it could easily resell in the mid six-figure range in the future. The domain is 21 years old and HTML isn’t going anywhere so it’s a solid buy if you have the budget, just don’t expect to flip it right away. Also note this auction ended but didn’t hit the reserve but you can make the seller an offer so it’s still available. – a solid 17 year-old three character .COM, these are only getting more valuable by the year based on the sales data and at under $20k with four days left this one could be a steal. – it’s not only one of my favorite cities in Canada, it’s also a 20 year old one-word .COM. Great name but possibly a bit challenging to flip so it would probably do better in the hands of someone that has good experience developing and monetizing geo-domains IMO. – another nice solid aged one-word .COM, lots of uses for this one. I don’t think I need to sell you on this one it really does speak for itself. – I like .IO, it’s definitely not a proven extension when it comes to resale value but when it comes to taking risks in the non .COM space I think short, memorable .IO’s like this are a safer bet. Still, buying a .IO name is gambling so don’t make the mistake of building a portfolio of all .IO names but if 3%-5% of your portfolio is names like this that’s a risk I’d be willing to take.


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  • Joe August 14, 2015, 8:52 pm

    My experience with Flippa and Afternic be harmful in every way I have yet to spend 349 credits Flippa but I will not return.

    I think as DomainNameSales and other brokers are the best option currently Flippa, Sedo and others have their broker I think that to sell even if we become too easy in my case bust cheap prices and sell what can be high premium .

    Suffer greatly with registrars and even suffer soon expire I left with more than 4 years old to over 20 generic domain names Moniker and Namecheap …….. know why your friend.

    Now selling from my blog as having made other domainers with price cuts to cash and after expenses. savings to reinvest

    Best of all is ads advertisers domain name as an example and no domain parking all be complicit with many register, the bad years have ended learn later losing money but others see also purchased at auction for $ 25,000 After six months on Flippa not come at all Bids at a figure of $ 17,000.


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