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Morgan's Flippa Five – nice one-word .COM, sure it doesn’t quite like off the tongue like Amazon or Google, but Mineral is a word that everyone should know and know how to spell. It’s priced with a $1 reserve and is currently at $10,100 with 11 days to go. – I love a nice 3L .COM, and while the Z in the middle is painful, it’s still a good name. It’s at $20,000 and the reserve hasn’t been met so we’ll have to see what the market is willing to pay for this one. – this makes me think “virtual desk” which feels like it describes a co-working space. As a brandable know this is a riskier investment vs. something like that you instantly know is a premium name. could be the name of the next big co-working success, or a name you end-up holding onto for years. – as someone that grew up in the Bay Area I immediately think of Bay Area Rapid Transit, however it can of course stand for a lot of other things and it’s a relatively common first name. Very solid one-word .COM and my guess is it will have the highest selling price out of the names on this week’s list. – fun fact, lilies are the third most popular flower in the world, flowers also happen to mean big business online. A name like this could really be used for anything though, it’s actually not a bad name for a clothing or jewelry brand.

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