Morgan’s Flippa Five:,,

Morgan's Flippa Five – very solid one-word .COM and one that could be great for a company that makes mineral water, or works with mineral investments, neither are spaces I know much about but if you do this has less than 19 hours to go and is under $25k as of writing this post. – easy to remember, easy to spell and could be used for just about anything. Oh and if you’re name is Shelly this is probably high on your list but probably a bit expensive for a personal blog. – I’m not crazy about three character domains with a “Z” in the middle but there’s no denying that three character domains are hot and seem to be growing in value by the month. You can probably get this one under market value both because it’s on Flippa and because it has a Z in the middle. – short, simple and another word for ATV’s which like Minerals aren’t something I’m into but there are plenty of people who are and if you sell quads, this name is about as good as it gets for an online store. – not as broad as something like but still a very meaningful one-word .COM, just don’t expect to buy this one and flip it right-away, it will take a fairly niche buyer to put this one to use. It doesn’t mean this is a bad name, but it’s not one that is universally interesting to most people.

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