Morgan’s Flippa Five:,,

Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Monday and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five! I know that many of your are on vacation, and I’ve historically found that weeks like this can be good ones for bidding in domain auctions since you often have less competition.

Below are five domains I have hand-picked from Flippa this week: – solid four character domain. Investors often split these into the first two and the last two so the repeating P is a nice start. – three character .COMs are selling like hotcakes and at $35,250 and the reserve met this name is going to sell in less than 24-hours! – another big three character .COM with a higher reserve than, currently at $49,999 and the reserve has not been met. – one of my favorite domains I’ve seen on Flippa this year, great three character .COM. Currently at $45,100 and there is no reserve so it’s going to sell. – this is a nice four character .COM which both means something (an article of clothing) or could be used for one of many acronyms. The “A” and “I” do hurt the value a bit but it’s 18 years-old and definitely has real liquidity in the market.

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