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Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Saturday and welcome to my Flippa Five. As usual there are some absolutely incredible domain names up for auction on Flippa and I’ve done my best to hand-pick five that I think make good investments. As always, remember that a good investment is only a good investment at the right price, it’s up to you to use tools like and sites like to determine what that price is.

Now onto the names, enjoy! – as many of you know I absolutely love one-word .COMs, they’re my favorite. That being said, I’m not as much of a fan of past-tense domains however this is an exception. While I would of course rather own or even, isn’t terrible and will sell for a fraction of what something like would sell for. – it’s not secret that .IO domains have been hotter than ever lately, and I don’t see this trend dying down anytime soon. This is a really nice keyword and a solid one-word in the .IO space. – originally registered in 1999 this 16 year-old domain is hitting along a very popular trendline, short, numeric domains. There just aren’t that many of these available and they have been selling for a small fortune to domain investors in China who have a strong interest in numeric domains. There is some talk of softening in the numeric domain market so be careful with pricing on this one. – I usually stay far away from .ORG domains because they are much harder to sell but this is such a short and meaningful one-word with so many uses I think that if the price doesn’t jump up to high there could be an opportunity here. – so I’m including this one not as a domain to buy and resell but instead as a great domain for anyone that is starting a domain drop-catching service. While I do see exact-match domains as a lot less attractive than they used to be the domain name community still loves them making this a solid name for a service targeting domain investors specifically.


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