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Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. Since I have seen my readership grow and diversify a lot over the course of this year I’ll give a quick re-intro to this weekly segment. Each week I scour Flippa for five domains that I think would make good investments, if the price is right.

My recommendations here should not be taken as an immediate indicator to buy, everyone’s portfolios and timelines are different. Do your research, use tools like NameBio and sites like DNJournal to determine what a good buying price would be and only pull the trigger if you see it as a good investment. Now onto my Flippa Five for the week! – great one-word .COM and probably as good a fit as you could find for a company that comes up with marketing slogans. – it’s no secret that the .IO domain space is on fire. That being said this domain is already north of $5,000 which means that if you do buy it, be prepared to hold for a while since there are significantly less buyers in the $5,000+ range for domains period. – another great one-word .COM, perfect for a company in the furniture business. – strong brand, easy to spell and remember, could be used in a variety of niches from online dating to a blanket-related eComm site. – as I’ve said many times, I’m not a huge .NET fan but in some cases I do find a .NET name that I like. Deco is a very strong, easy to spell brand name and my guess is the .COM is in the mid six-figure range so getting this for a good price could mean a nice five-figure sale in the future.

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