Morgan’s Flippa Five: Special Edition – Domains 10 Years Or Older


Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. Each week I hand-pick five domain names that I think could be investment-grade names at the right price. Today I decided to hop in a time capsule to shake things up a little bit. I decided this week to focus on domains more than 10 years old, because like a fine wine, domains can get better with age. – solid two-word .COM, this would be a great one for a tech blog. – an 18-year old domain that might be even more relevant now with the rise of VR. Sure, your real garden needs lots of sunlight and water, but what does your eGarden need? – another 18 year-old name, also the name of a popular television show and a million other things. Easy to spell, easy to remember and broad use options, I like. – as we continue our journey back in time, this 20 year-old two word is a real gem and I’m sure there are tons of people out there that could put it to good use. – I usually give a bit of a warning with .NET domains so here it goes. I’ve never made much money with .NET domains, .COM is the only proven repeatable performer I’ve seen myself. That being said occasionally I branch out, and when I do I look for very relevant domains that I think would be in very high demand. Given the rise of ride-sharing apps around the world I could see this name getting its fair share of offers.




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