Morgan’s Flippa Five:,,,,

Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. As you’ve probably noticed a ton of great investment grade short .COM names have appeared on Flippa. This makes my job of picking only five a bit harder, which is a good thing. Enjoy the list below and for those of you in the Northeast, stay safe! – while I’m not crazy about the “V” it’s still a solid three character .COM, these don’t seem to be going out os style anytime soon. – I have covered this name in the past and I like it just as much, a nice three character .COM that also stands on its own as a word, love it. – sure, there are somewhat limited use-cases for this domain but I still like any solid one-word .COM, they always have meaningful resale value to the right buyer. – I love repeating letters in a 4L .COM, as do many other investors, no vowels, repeating letters, that’s my kind of domain. – yes I know, too many vowels, but I like this one since it’s a CVCV, still a good investment at he right price.

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