Morgan’s Flippa Five:,,

Morgan's Flippa Five – two-character .COM domains are the best of the best and even though I’m not crazy about the Z this is still a solid six-figure name with massive investment potential given that two-character .COMs have been known to sell in the seven-figure range. – 4N .COMs are valuable and from the little that I know about them 8’s are good, but I think 4’s are bad, you’d have to check with my buddy Domain Shane about the value of this one but I do know that 4N .COMs don’t grow on trees so when I spot one I often recommend it even though numeric domains isn’t an area I’ve invested in much myself. – while I do think that many exact-match domains are going the way of the dodo bird now that they no longer provide any ranking advantage in search engines, I like this one and I think it will probably get some meaningful type-in traffic over time. This is a domain much better for buying and developing into a coupon site vs. trying to resell. – it’s a one-word .COM which as you know by now, I like a lot. The challenge is it’s a relatively weak past-tense name, I’d much rather have, still at a low enough price there is some good resale potential, just make sure you don’t overpay for this, do your homework. – another solid one-word .COM, easy to remember, easy to spell.

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