My Favorite WordPress Shopping Cart Solutions

Along with being a popular blogging platform, WordPress can easily power a full-scale e-commerce website. The problem is that there are tons of WordPress shopping cart solutions which means it can be a challenge to know which option is the best for your business.

Gone are the days when adding a shopping cart to your site means writing code and testing compatibility. With WordPress is really is simply plug-and-play which means the only time you really need to spend is picking a solution that offers the features you are looking for. Sound easy? It is.

Below are three of my favorite WordPress shopping cart solutions along with a few reasons why I think they stand out in the crowd.



When it comes to building e-commerce sites using WordPress WooCommerce is definitely #1 in my book. WooCommerce has absolutely every feature you could want, and then some, all built flawlessly so you don’t have to worry about debugging someone else’s errors. What I like the most about WooCommerce is the tight integration with clean and easy-to-configure WordPress themes made by WooThemes. This allows you to enjoy an end-to-end solution that was meant to play nice together, which means you can spend more time building your store rather than fixing it.




As you probably know by now, I’m all about things that make life easy and save time. Cart66 has done a great job of building a shopping cart solution for WordPress that is easy to configure and plugin to any theme. With Amazon S3 integration you can also easily sell digital products using Cart66 which makes it a great fit for selling eBooks, videos, and music. It is also very easy to add things like coupon codes which can be a hassle to configure with other solutions.





Shopify is probably one of the most well-known and well-supported shopping cart solutions on the web. It can be used on more than just WordPress sites so if you want a solution that spans things like mobile devices Shopify might be the right choice for you. The solution is famous for it’s security and it integrates with so many payment gateways that you never have to worry about changing gateways.

Those are three of my favorite WordPress shopping cart solutions, feel free to share your favorite below or comment on any of mine.


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  • Gypsum Fantastic January 24, 2013, 8:38 am

    Useful tips 🙂

    I’d also be interested in a similar ‘top 3’ for Wordpress content on demand solutions (primarily video on demand). Solutions that don’t use member levels for access control, but rather the model where any user (registered or otherwise) can pay to access the content on a one time basis, perhaps with an expiry period e.g. 7 days of access to stream or download a video.

    I’ve been investigating solutions to do exactly this for a Wordpress site but so far I haven’t found anything that would be a simple ‘plug and play’ in the way the shopping cart plug-ins are.

    The full blown subscription management plug-ins/adjuncts can probably do it e.g. aMember. But it seems like overkill for what I need.


  • Gypsum Fantastic January 24, 2013, 8:40 am

    Oh, I should have added. I do also realise that such a content on demand solution also needs to be integrated with a payment provider 😉

  • Aaron January 24, 2013, 9:04 am

    Another great post. How about content as mentioned Gypsum? Thanks for all the help Morgan.

  • Morgan January 24, 2013, 10:37 am

    Thanks @Gypsum, really glad you liked it! Also excellent idea for a future post!

    @Aaron – thanks! Yes, you can expect a post about content coming up!

  • Lynne February 1, 2013, 7:41 am

    My challenge is the right mix of support. I am not a developer — how I can really create great websites in Wordpress. This is my first foray into shopping carts and they all seem to need some developer saavy to get it up. I would love to work with woothemes — how I can’t get help needed to make that initial decision where my basic questions could be answered in a 5 minute phone call. Things like shipping integration and the like. I want to see the plugin in moment. Everything has to have admin access that is as easy as adding content in a wordpress post. With a business that has a nice daily sales volume there is no bandwidth for shopping cart problems with no help. I need to know once it is up all systems are a go an will work as expected. That is a shared dream for all us — right?


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