My Latest Affiliate Marketing Adventure – CJ Pay-Per-Call

As you know I am always on a quest to get as much revenue as I can from my domains, so when I discover a new monetization option I get very excited!

Right now I am focusing on using CJ, Azoogle, LeadPile, ClickBank and of course good ol’ Adsense. Well I recently discovered and was approved for Commission Junction’s relatively new Pay-Per-Call program.

This is an entirely new model for me as it relies on someone visiting my site, calling a number, and then staying on the line for a given period of time. To understand how the system works take a look at the flow chart below:

I am going to start to layer this in as yet another monetization option over the next few weeks. Of course as always I’ll share my experiences with all of you!

With so many different ways to make money from content website and new services launching every year I think that PPC will continue to represent less and less of my revenue stream.

When I started building-out my portfolio, PPC was my main focus – the #1 revenue generator for my domains. Now it represents less than 25% of my overall revenue stream and it’s declining every month.

I oftentimes get emails from new Domainers saying, “I don’t get it – I have a content site, it ranks well and I’m using Google Adsense – why am I not making any money?”

My response has always been – just like a good investment portfolio diversification is the key to monetization. The more types of ads and revenue-generating systems you have on your domains, the more options there are to make money from your visitors.

I have many sites that get a good amount of clicks on Google Adsense yet by selling just one ClickBank product I make more than an entire month’s worth of PPC! That’s what initially got me hooked on affiliate marketing and I can honestly stay that I think I’m still scratching the surface of what is possible!

So now ask yourself the question? Is your revenue based on PPC – if so then it’s time to diversify!

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  • John March 18, 2010, 4:01 pm

    I was just approved for CJ’s Pay-Per-Call as well, though I haven’t setup anything with it quite yet.

    Although not the same, just a few days ago I setup a new site with regular banner and text links for a merchant account program. What was different is they also setup a dedicated phone number for me which I also put on my site. I don’t get paid for calls like in CJ, but for leads OR sales. I picked the sales… time will tell. I can actually switch to leads later, but I think (hope) this will work out better.

  • Alex March 18, 2010, 4:02 pm

    My big thanks for your posts.
    Your always talk about traffic monetization, but I have a question – why my domains will generate any traffic without any seo or you talk only about typo-traffic?


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