My new Domain Investing Substack goes live this Saturday


Early this month I wrote a blog post about potentially starting a premium weekly newsletter on Substack about domain investing. Along with the actual newsletter content itself I threw out the idea of letting subscribers list domains for sale, one a week, and only to other subscribers.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, so I’ve decided to move forward and make it happen. I proposed a structure for the newsletter in my blog post earlier this month, and since then I’ve had some good suggestions for how to improve this and I’m really excited about what I’ll be sharing with those of you who subscribe on Saturday.

As for the domain sales part of the newsletter, I got some good feedback from people that I should set a cap on the price people can list names for. The thinking was, if there’s no cap, people will list at retail and the newsletter will get flooded with names priced above wholesale.

So, I’m taking that advice and the pricing is going to be set at a maximum of $888 per domain. Listings are valid for one week and after that the owners are not obligated to honor that pricing, the idea is, people can, and hopefully will, drop their prices on names, but for one week only.

I would like to thank all of my readers, Twitter followers, and everyone else in the community that encouraged me to do this and provided suggestions on how to make it useful and interesting. Now I owe it to all of you to not fuck it up.

As of this evening you can sign-up for the Substack, I was lucky to get so it will be easy to remember. The price is $8/month or $75/year. They also have an option for a donation-based membership if people want to pay more, at first I thought I’d leave this out, and then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to use this for a VIP membership option, so I’m giving it a shot.

What do you get as a VIP? I’ll be starting a special Slack group for VIP members and hosting a bi-weekly Zoom. I think something really special could happen there, but once again, I could screw it up and it could suck, so we’ll see what happens.

Either way, thanks for giving me the push I needed to do this. The first issue of the Domain Investing Substack goes out on Saturday, you can subscribe here.

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  • Blogster April 15, 2020, 11:14 pm

    Wishing you the best of LUCK! Really!!

    I was a newsletter subscriber for 2-3 years. After reading them, and see their result from “best” alerts etc from the newsletter. They didn’t perform that much better than the market, 1/2 decent/big hits of 20 picks isn’t that good. You or I could do that. You are a research expert, as you pick domains, picking stocks is different but not rocket science different.

    What my question to you is: Why would I give you $75 a year to tell me what? What info are you going to give me that doesn’t exist already? I can be a cheerleader if you wish, though that won’t help your marketing plan.

    Perfect Pitch me on why I should fork over $75 to you. What do I really getting for giving you my hard earned money?

    Again NOT being negative, just want to know you bullet points of what I can get.

    Use Rick’s model on why people should attend his domain gathering. He lists the reasons quite clearly (This year got COVID’ed)

    A: PERSONAL Connections
    B: Conversations with many influential people in the domain market in a fun relaxed setting
    C: Great location and accommodations
    Did that list from memory. Many people spent their money to go, enough that a 2nd annual event was planned.

    Praying that your newsletter is a success!!


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