Namecheap is now accepting Bitcoin Payments


Namecheap now accepting Bitcoin

Namecheap will now be accepting Bitcoin to register a domain. The Next Web just put out a piece covering the move.

Last week virtual currency Bitcoin hit an all-time high after passing the $32 mark for its US dollar exchange rate, and now it has gained a significant new backer after domain host Namecheap began accepting it for payments.

As we note last week, the company had been preparing to accept the currency for some time, and now the move is official as announced on its website. Customers can use the Bitcoin to purchase Namecheap’s range of services, which include domain names, Web hosting, SSL certificates and security programs.

Read the whole article to find out why Namecheap decided to make the move to accepting Bitcoin.

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  • Francois March 5, 2013, 1:57 am

    Kudo to to be so innovative!

    At least 3 times this past year people asked me to support Bitcoins in but until now I have been reluctant because in our service it’s the 2 parties who should the same currency for the transaction may happens.
    We support USD, EUR, GBP, … for one year now and +95% of transactions continue in USD so imagine the Bitcoin usage…

    So probably Bitcoins use in will be dismal but at least we could say:
    They were the first registrar to support it, and only fo that I pick the info into our newsletter!

    Good move!

  • BTCM March 5, 2013, 7:09 am

    Bitcoin adoption is increasing and reaching new businesses every day. The more people who get into this virtual currency, the better! For those who haven’t joined the revolution yet, check out and get started!


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