Namepros getting ready early for the new tlds

Eric Lyon made an announcement tonight that Namepros is creating a new “gTld section” that will be a place for a discussion of gTlds. Currently this will consist of .info, .biz and .mobi. This is being done in anticipation of the new gTlds coming out later in the year and next year.

I have thought for a long time that the traffic will spike on both Namepros and Dn Forum with the introduction of new tlds. You will get the new tld enthusiasts starting a lot of threads from discussion to showcase to sales and appraisal threads.  This will certainly bring a response from those who are not in favor of the new tlds and tend to be .com and strong cctld investors.

The launches of .mobi and .co certainly brought about a spike in traffic along with a lot of animated and heated discussions. Now these forums will be looking at 20 new tlds a week in the future. It will bring traffic and should bring advertising dollars  from the new registries.

Having a separate area will give those not interested in the new tld hoopla to be able to discuss other aspects of domaining without the constant .shop is the new .com vs .shop sucks etc…

Namepros has also started specific sub forums for .CO and .Me to join the .de subforum and the .tv subforum.

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  • Alan Dodd August 26, 2013, 5:55 am

    Yes indeed… welcome to “Groundhog Day” discussions!

  • John Howard August 27, 2013, 7:19 pm

    Namepros also pumped up .TV and .MOBI, and look at what happened to them. They always pick the more obscure extensions, and get the punters worked up, and then the extensions crash and there’s all this wreckage left behind. The same thing will happen with the gTLDs.
    If namepros wants to be taken seriously, it needs to focus exclusively on the accepted TLDs (.COM, .NET and .ORG) and ccTLDs and provide merely passing attention to all else (which is little more than a distraction).

  • John Howard August 27, 2013, 7:36 pm

    Further to my earlier comments, how is .SHOP going to work? Will it work, or will it simply another .TRAVEL?
    First thing that will happen with .SHOP will be a domainer grab for yellow pages categories (eg,,, Once those are gone, anyone setting up a website under a .SHOP gTLD will have to settle for or or similar names. Why would people do that when they could easily register or buy (in the aftermarket) or, and have a thousand per cent chance of being remembered by their customers and have far less of an uphill battle in marketing and promoting their website.
    Even with the category killers (, they are going to be very poor relations to their dot com counterparts ( unless people are prepared to spend extraordinary amounts of money marketing the domains.
    I first started registering domains in 1992, and even after 21 years the vast majority of meaningful .COM names have not assumed the value you would have expected by now. So imagine how long it will be for domainers to capitalise commercially on any gTLD that is anything less than Tier 1 stuff.
    The other thing is, getting your hands on “” is one thing, but going out and convincing carpet chains to pay you large sums of money is another. Good luck with that one.

  • Raymond Hackney August 31, 2013, 7:57 pm

    First off Namepros pumped up nothing. Members on forums discuss what names and extensions interest them. Many who came to the .tv subforum back on Namepros in 2005 made money they had never made before in domaining. Of course there are those that reg bad domains or who go overboard regging too many. You need to be selective in any extension.

    The talk about whatever the new extensions are ? Really does not matter they are coming, does not matter which group of domainers like it, they are coming and some businesses will register them whether a domainer thinks they are foolish to register them means little.


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