New .cc and .ws investments

I am always looking to expand my domain portfolio. New TLD’s are a great way to get a name that could be quite expensive later on. I have been specifically investing in .cc and .ws domains as these are very new and there are still some great names available. Below are a list of domains that I bought over the past week: (Great find! One-word domain!) (Just a good find – I was surprised this was available)

Right now I am listing all of my domains for sale via two services right now – Sedo and Afternic. So far I like Afternic’s interface a lot more than Sedo’s which I find clunky and hard to use. Sedo does seem to generate a lot more traffic towards my listings so far though and that’s what really matters in the end.

I have listed as a premium listing on both Sedo and Afternic. These have been listed for about 4-days each and my Sedo listing has received 21 visits whereas my Afternic has only had 5 visits. So it looks like Afternic may be a waste but I will know for sure by the end of the month.

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