One of the best lists of AI and ML resources I’ve seen, all in one place


So as many of you know, just about every waking hour I spend building AI and ML technologies at Bold Metrics. Our mission is to change the way products are personalized for people and what we’re doing probably wasn’t possible ten years ago, and I think ten years from now people won’t know how they lived without technology like ours.

That being said, I myself am not an AI or ML expert, but I am proud of the experts we have hired and what we’ve been able to build as a team. I am also always trying to extend my knowledge as much as possible so that while I might not be writing any of the core code myself, I can still understand how the space as a whole is evolving and how we can help contribute to breakthroughs and innovations in AI and ML.

I also tend to have friends ask me where they can go to learn more about the kind of technologies we build and I often send them lists of some of my favorite sites. As of three days ago I think I’ve found one resource that can actually help anyone get up to speed on all the really amazing and innovative things happening in AI and ML, and all in one article.

The article is written by a guy named Robbie Allen, a PhD student who, not surprisingly is focusing his studies on…you guessed it – AI and ML. You can read his article here on Medium. Enjoy and thanks Robbie for putting this together!

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  • Joe July 14, 2017, 3:53 am

    I read many books from AI, VR etc. over the years what you have read as a young man has not changed and I have not had to read more, because with the knowledge I have and the neuorones help me to discover the new innovations that I want and that The current scientific man has not yet discovered them and are viable to start creating a basic part of a long research work to become something that changes what no one has ever thought of and is a necessity always for the human being.

    We have to think about current needs that can be used much better tomorrow.

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