Page Howe is hosting a virtual domain name conference in June, see you there!

As you all know by now, I’m a big fan of domain name conferences. As a community that usually only has the chance to connect online, getting together in-person is a blast. My first domain conference was TRAFFIC Las Vegas in 2010 (thanks to Rick for one heck of a show!) and after that, I couldn’t get enough.

I can still remember my first morning at TRAFFIC, Ron Jackson, who had been one of my heroes in the domain name world invited me to breakfast with him, Rick Schwartz, and Howard Neu. These were people that before the conference had felt like legendary figures to me, sitting with them at breakfast was an incredible experience.

What I really like about conferences is getting that chance to talk to a wide range of people and hear what everyone is doing. What’s working, what isn’t, and how can we possibly work together to help each other out. While it’s not looking like getting together in-person is going to be in the cards anytime soon, I was really excited to see that Page Howe, a domain industry veteran and one heck of a nice guy has decided to launch the first “Virtual Domain Conference” this June.

Here’s a bit more from Page about the event:

You can sign up for the conference at Page has decided to make registration free for the first 500 sign-ups or until April 15th. I just signed up and I hope to see many of you there. Thanks to Page for hosting the show, I think this is a great idea and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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  • Jose April 10, 2020, 6:35 pm

    After so many years that I have not been able to go to any of them due to not being able to make long trips (more than 3 hours sitting or walking in the space of an airplane, unfortunately, due to my cardiovascular health status the Namescom Portugal could not come either.

    If I made a full video of the speakers from these conferences, I would have liked to learn more, as you say in your post that you write.

    I have seen throughout these years many videos subject domain recordings including yourself here there is text transcription of what you talk about in the video.
    Also when you were a speaker the TEDxRoma that you yourself to make known to me is your blog

    Only in these years I have seen on YouTube some fragments of incomplete video recordings because I only upload the hottest moments such as the intervention of Frank Schilling and Rick Schwartz for the new extensions, (Next to Frank is Monte Cahn, the rest of Frank’s team do not know) and the last one I remember and a video recording of Mike Berkens at Rick Schwartz’s first conference in Asheville Professional Domain Investor, yo Poder know what to speak Mike Berkens by the text transcription in English on Youtube (In the first video there was no text transcription in English, and he had to record the same in audio)
    I also had contact with Howard Neu, Lawyer with the problems of the era and that with Rick created Traffic Conference Domains and that later he and his family make other domains co-offices and I received the message on Twitter from Howard Neu himself, all a great detail meanwhile, knowing that I had this problem of being able to be present.


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