In general I’ve found that Flippa isn’t a great place to sell domains, it’s just not what the marketplace was designed for. While Flippa did increase focus on domain names a few years ago, they weren’t able to generate enough revenue to make it an interesting business for them. Now Flippa essentially just lets anyone list any domain without any filtering which means there’s a lot of junk domains on there, and a lot of people who shell out their hard-earned money for listing fees that end up being a complete waste.

Yesterday when I was on Twitter I saw Flippa’s Twitter account promoting a domain auction which they call “New and Premium on Flippa” – here’s the tweet:


Yikes. Is it just me or does this tweet make no sense? New and premium? This is a seven word .COM that was hand registered by the owner four years ago. This is not a premium domain name, period. What this really shows me is that Flippa has absolutely no filtering system around which domain listings are allowed to be premium – if you pay extra you’ve got a premium domain name.

It gets more ridiculous, here’s the listing:


Did you spot the minimum offer? $15,000? Note there is no site on the domain, no revenue, this really is just a seven word .COM that someone hand-registered and shelled out the money for a premium listing on Flippa. Since Flippa has no filter on premium, anything gets through and this domain owner is left with an auction for a terrible domain at a price it will never sell for.

I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous domain listings on Flippa, but this one takes the cake. What do you think? Comment and let your voice be heard!


Help me pick a new logo for

I realized that I haven’t updated the logo for for some time. I think the last time I updated it was probably close to four years ago and in all honesty, I cringe when I see it. So it’s time for a refresh. Along with an updated logo I’m also going to update the background on my blog because that’s even more long overdue, but let’s start with the logo.

As many of you know, I like involving my readers in as many decision processes as I can when it comes to this blog. Simple reason – I write this blog for you, not me, so honestly your opinion is what matters most.

When I worked at Sonos I saw how much time and thought went into picking a logo from the design, colors, everything was picked for a specific reason. While I’m not going to get that deep, I thought I’d share a bit of what I’m going for here.

Color: Blue. I like blue because it stands for loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust. These are all things that are incredibly important to me and are core to my blog.

Style: Fresh and modern. Yes, this can different things to different people. In general thought I’m not looking for something that looks retro, corporate, or overly complex.

Image: I’m going to stick with the letter “M”

Okay, with that in mind you can either decide, well Morgan that all sounds like a bunch of marketing fluff, who cares? Or maybe it makes sense to you and it will somehow help as your evaluating logos. Who knows, either way – let’s get to the good stuff, here are the three logos I’m thinking of at the moment.







Okay, now it’s your turn. What logo do you like the most, or do you think they’re all ugly and I should go back to the drawing board? Either way, I want to hear from you – comment and let your voice be heard!



There is a lot of buzz going on this week about the live auction that took place on Monday at NamesCon, and for good reason, by all measures it was a big success. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Monte is amazing and when it comes to putting together and running live auctions, he really is the best of the best.

I didn’t participate in the live auction but I did hang out and watch the action which is always fun. I’m always interested in seeing the dynamics of how people bid in live auctions and this was a great one to watch. I’ve had a few people ask me what I thought were the best buys at the auction so I thought I’d share my thoughts. – $370,000
This is such a great name, and with Frank Schilling as the buyer, safe to say it’s going to be put to good use. My guess is he’ll never sell this name, but I can’t think of a much better person to put it to good use. I think the price is solid on this one, feels like it’s worth north of $500k IMHO so I think Frank got a good deal. – $1,200
This was a really good deal for the buyer, and the seller might feel a bit of a sting as I’m guessing they were probably expecting it for sell for quite a bit more. This could be a great name in the right hands. – $110,000
Screaming deal. This feels like a domain that should have sold in the $250,000 – $500,000 range. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this resell in the future for much more. – $9,500
Solid two-word .COM with a lot of development and resale potential given how low the sale price was. Drugs might not make you smarter but buying this name will likely make the new owner richer. – $4,000
I might be a bit biased but I like this name, category-killer in an incredibly hot space. I also would have thought this would have sold for more, great deal at $4,000 and I’ll be interested to see what happens with this one in particular.

From what I could tell the auction went perfectly smooth except for a small bidding error with which was handled really well, quickly corrected and the bidding continued. While didn’t sell in the live auction, with so much bidding activity I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells in the extended auction. Here’s a video I shot of the auction:

What were your five favorite domains sold at the NamesCon auction? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!


A friend of mine sent me a text with an article from a company called Singapore Data Company that put together an interesting little report about unused .COM domains. It seems like the person who wrote the article has no idea that people are buying and selling domain names and have been for years judging by this sentence in the first paragraph:

It can feel like people are registering every pronounceable combination of letters in every major language, and even the unpronounceable short ones. Is there rampant domain speculation, or do I just think of the same names as everyone else? (Source – Singapore Data Company)

You’ll notice that I put the word “interesting” in quotes above because the writer did a survey of 2,188 domains and used this to generalize stats about all .COM domains. The reality is this sample size is WAY too small. This would be like making a generalization about people living in San Francisco by taking a sample size of 2.

Still, they put together a little colored chart of what they found:


The question is, does this data actually represent how .COM domains are used? Are 4.8% of .COM domains parked? Are 7.1% for sale? Does the author realize that probably most of the parked domains are also for sale. Okay – this is probably completely meaningless…what do you think?

I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!


Charlie and Brian

Today was a sad day, and a tremendous loss – Charlotte (who many of us know as Charlie) has passed away. Brian, Charlie’s husband has been by her side as she went through some very intense medical procedures, and she fought through incredible hardships time and time again.

Honestly, I’m at a loss of words. Normally I have so much on my mind to write but this is just so sad I’m drawing a blank so I thought I’d just say a few words about two of my favorite memories with Charlie.

Brian and Charlie were two of the first people that I met when I started in the Domaining world, and I immediately was inspired by Charlie’s energy and enthusiasm. For anyone who knew Charlie, you knew that she could light up a room, she just had so much positive energy.

One of my all-time favorite memories was going out in Dublin with Brian and Charlie, I remember laughing so hard. Seeing Brian and Charlie together was always such an inspiration of what it’s like to truly find your soulmate.

Brian had been diligently updating everyone on Facebook often multiple times a day. Even when things seemed to be going downhill, Brian kept a positive attitude and was by Charlie’s side as she continued to fight and press forward. We should all hope to live a life as full of energy and joy as Charlie did.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Brian and all of Charlie’s family and friends.


A few photo highlights from NamesCon Day Two


Day two of NamesCon was a blast and my schedule was completely packed pretty much for every minute of the day and night. I can’t say it enough, so I’ll say it again, we have such an incredible community and catching up with old friends and making new friends just feels great. Everyone is full of energy, the domain industry is on fire, for anyone who ever thought Domaining was a dying industry…time to eat your words. Seriously, the data that has come out about domain sales is 2018 is absolutely staggering.

I’ll be putting together a much more comprehensive post with reflections, data, and some other good stuff tomorrow. For now, I just landed back in San Francisco, and suffice it to say, I’m going to bed. Of course I can’t just leave you hanging so I thought I’d leave you with some photo highlights from yesterday, enjoy and stay-tuned!


The NamesCon auction was a HUGE success, you can see all the results on The top sale went to which sold for $900,000, after that was another monster domain – which went for $435,000.


Yancy from showed up to the auction looking mighty spiffy so I decided to give him the “Best Dressed Domainer” award, come on – who can beat the green suit?


The ICA dinner was a lot of fun, great food and a really solid crowd. After the dinner we all went up to the Foundation Room, which meant that my NamesCon experience involved going to the Foundation Room every night, which is awesome.


Of course it’s safe to say, we all had a blast and while I thought I might be able to end the night early, as usually happens in Vegas. Hey I managed to get a full 8 hours of sleep the first night…so how could I possibly manage that for two nights in a row?


Okay, time for bed – looking forward to sharing more NamesCon reflections, data, and industry buzz with all of your tomorrow, for now – goodnight.


Another day at NamesCon is in the books and I just woke up from a quick power nap before heading over to the ICA Dinner. This morning I had a pretty special Monday Morning Walk with Morgan, in Vegas, and with a surprise special guest that you’ll have to watch the video to see.

Also, I know that I need to get something to stabilize the video so don’t worry – it’s coming, but bear with me on this video as walking up stairs while holding the camera stable was a new challenge!

Okay, now time to head over to the House of Blues to talk Domains. Stay-tuned for more coverage live from NamesCon and thanks as always for joining me on my Monday morning walk…like I said above, they’re soon I’ll have the proper gear so you don’t feel like you’re on a ship in stormy seas while you watch it!

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Well yesterday flew by and while I thought it would be hard to pack more meetings into a single day than I did yesterday, I think I’ve managed to do that today. I left this morning open so I could whip up a quick blog post and of course shoot my Monday Morning Walks with Morgan, then from 11AM onwards I am booked until, well all day, in 30 minute increments.

That being said, as you all know, I’m a pretty reflective guy and I like sharing my reflections with all of you so I thought I’d take a few minutes to reflect on yesterday, Day One of NamesCon 2019. To make it easier to read I’ll be sharing a reflection, followed by a photo, then another reflection, another photo – you get the idea. Let’s start with a photo, this one is of me, the one and only Braden Pollock, and James, one of Braden’s close friends who I’ve also become good friends with over the years.

Morgan Braden James NamesCon

First and foremost – damn are we lucky to be in an industry with so many incredibly people. It was amazing catching up with everyone yesterday and so interesting to share what each of us is doing, what’s working for us, what isn’t, and what we’re learning as we go. I learn something from every conversation I have whether it’s with a veteran or a brand new Domainer. Keep an open mind when you have a conversation at a conference like NamesCon and you’ll be amazed at what you find.


Yesterday I also had the chance to catch-up with Doron the founder of Efty, one of my favorite solutions for generating really nice landing pages on my domains and keeping track of and responding to inbound offers. This made me reflect on how far the domain name industry has come over the last decade when it comes to software and tools. When I started back in 2007 you had to build a lot of things yourself, now newcomers and veterans alike have unparalleled access to some pretty amazing solutions to help them sell and monetize domain names. I realized there are still a lot of tools I’m not leveraging myself so I plan to spend some time on Tuesday walking around the tradeshow floor and learning more about what’s out there that isn’t on my radar yet.


I had the chance to meet and talk with Matthias Conrad, the new CEO of Sedo and was really impressed with his energy and enthusiasm, it’s contagious and I think he’s got a lot of great ideas that are going to really take Sedo to the next level. Dave Evanson, who is also in the photo is another example of one of the incredibly nice and open people we’re lucky to have in the domain industry. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Dave had an amazing year last year brokering some monster names and it sounds like 2019 is going to be even better. This really made me reflect on how the domain industry is always changing and evolving and it’s great to see new faces in companies that we all know and love.


I brought a handful of my new #Domainer shirts to NamesCon to give to some of my blog readers who have been reading for years. Above is a photo of me with Matt “Handshaking” Holmes and Kevin McKim, two long-time readers and now proud owners of a #Domainer shirt. I also threw a little VIP event for some of my blog readers who were in town for NamesCon at the Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay last night. It was a blast and I am always so honored and humbled to get a chance to meet you – the people who read my blog, and the reason why I continue to write, 11 years and counting.


If you read my blog and are coming to NamesCon Europe later this year, let me know, I’m planning a VIP event there as well and would love to make sure you’re a part of it. The Foundation Room is one of my favorite places in Vegas, not only is the inside eclectic and cool, but it has, IMHO, the best view of the Vegas strip.


Okay, well now it’s time to put on my #Domainer shirt and head into a busy day of meetings – NamesCon 2019 Day 2, here I come!



countdown-to-namescon2019-1In about 12 hours I will be heading to the airport and flying to Vegas as Domainers from around the world converge for NamesCon Global. I think it’s very safe to say that this year is going to be the biggest NamesCon yet and the schedule is packed with great talks and events to attend.

As I’ve said a few times now, NamesCon is a bit like the Louvre, you really can’t see and do everything that you want to so you have to choose wisely. To make life easier I’ve been doing my best to narrow down the list of options and help guide your adventures in Vegas.

With the first day of NamesCon kicking off tomorrow I thought I’d share three highlight’s of tomorrow’s program that I think would be a great fit specifically for new Domainers or first timers to NamesCon.

  1. Welcome Session – I’ll still be in the air when this session kicks off but if it’s your first time at NamesCon I highly recommend you check it out if you’re in town. With Braden Pollock, Bill Sweetman, and Soeren von Varchmin you honestly have a trifecta of experts dropping some knowledge and helping you make the most of your time at NamesCon.
  2. Domain Investing 101 – this is sure to be one of the most-attended talks at NamesCon, Michael Cyger packs a room and always shares really solid tips and tricks. There really is no better way to kick off your NamesCon experience as a new Domainer than with this talk, it will definitely get the gears turning.
  3. .GLOBAL Opening Reception – remember, one of the most valuable things you can do at a conference is networking. The opening reception is a great chance to meet Domainers you’ve been following from afar or catch-up with old friends. If you’re a reader and you’re reading this now, feel free to find me and I’m always happy to introduce you to anyone you’ve been wanting to meet. So no excuses, even if you’re shy, just come to me and I’ll help you break the ice and meet new people.


Okay, I should probably start packing and loading up on Emergen-C. Oh and if you don’t normally travel with a box of Emergen-C, do it this time around, you’ll thank me later. From helping you ward off a cold after shaking a million hands, to being a bit more spritely in the morning after a late night, Emergen-C is a life-saver at a conference…especially a conference in Vegas.

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countdown-to-namescon2019-1In less than 48 hours I will be heading to SFO, getting on a plane, and flying to Vegas for NamesCon. Like most Domainers, I will be spending three days in Vegas, and since I’ve been coming to conferences in Vegas for almost 20 years now, I thought I’d share some tips for surviving.

I first started coming to Vegas when I worked for Sonos back when I was in my early 20’s. Back then, not only did I not have any grey hairs in my beard, I didn’t have a beard. As time has passed I’d like to think I’ve learned my lesson(s) enough times in Vegas to figure out how to make a three day trip enjoyable so that I’m not a zombie on the last day.

Whether you’re a Vegas veteran or you’re still getting started with the joys of going to a conference in Vegas, I have three tips that will (hopefully) help make your trip more enjoyable. Ready to rock? Let’s dive in.

  1. Don’t gamble your first night in Vegas – I enjoy playing craps when I’m in Vegas. My first NamesCon me and Domain Shane had a blast playing craps and yes, on Monday night, I’ll be playing craps. That being said, I’ve learned that gambling on my first night in Vegas is never a great idea. Here’s the thing, gambling usually means you’re staying out later, breathing in more cigarette smoke, and losing money. It’s better to wake up after your first night in Vegas not smelling like an ashtray with less money than you started with.
  2. Water is your friend – whether you drink alcohol or not, you’re in the desert and you’re spending all day every day talking to people. The result is that you can get dehydrated very easily. Drink lots of water. Yes – it sounds simple but it’s actually harder to do than you might think. Too many people wake up in the morning, drink coffee, then have a soda at lunch, go to an evening event, have a beer or two, and then – poof, it’s midnight and you haven’t had a single glass of water. I try to drink water almost every hour when I’m in Vegas, and if you do the same, you’ll be a happy camper.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take a nap – it’s easy to push yourself to be “on” all day, morning until night at a conference. You wake up, go to some talk, then talk to some people, go to more talks, go to an event, go to another event, and before you know it, it’s 1:30AM and you’re at a party in some Domainer’s hotel room, and you’re exhausted and literally wilting. Try to take a 15 – 20 minute power nap at some point during the day. I like to take my nap at the end of the day before dinner. You don’t need to plan a full hour, honestly just giving yourself 15 – 20 minutes to rest can set you up for a much better evening.

Have some tips of your own to share? I want to hear them, comment and let your voice be heard!