Parking Services Reviewed

Today I stumbled across a great website comparing the top Domain Parking services. While most of my time is spent Flipping Domains I still have a number of domains in my portfolio parked. It’s a good idea to understand who the big players are when it comes to parking and how they all compare. I think this website does a good job and fairly compares the services.

Why park your domain? If you are new to Domaining the idea of parking is to monetize your domain. A parked page is a webpage full of links to content relevant to the domain. One of the domains I have parked right now is On the parked page there are links to genetics testing and other genetics-related websites.

When you park a domain, you make money when someone clicks on a link on your parked page. This is a great way to monetize domains that get a lot of traffic. If your domain does not get a ton of traffic you can always send targeted visitors to your site through a service like Google Adwords.

As a Domain Flipper I actively build web pages on my domains. These web pages aren’t simply to increase the sale price of my domains. The great thing about Flipping a domain is that you get to customize the advertising. I’m a big fan of Google Adsense to this and you can find Adsense on almost all of my flips. This is a great way to monetize the domain which increasing its value when you’re ready to sell it. I’ve also found that Flipped domains get a lot more recurring monthly traffic. With parked pages it is rare that a user would bookmark the page and visit it on a regular basis.

In summary, for new Domainers it is important to understand the concept of parking. For Domain Flippers it is important to understand how you can create a great website that will also monetize your domain. For those of you already in the Domaining world I know this is a bit of a review.

I would be interested to hear some comments on which services other Domainers use for parking. I currently use ActiveAudience but parking is a small part of my Domaining strategy so I’m certainly not a parking expert. I do find that parking is a great way to monetize my domains during the time I’m waiting to flip them. You know what they say, so many domains, so little time.

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