Protrada Releases iPhone App – Domain Investing Just Went Mobile!

Protrada, the Domain Exchange platform that has been making my life (and countless others) a whole lot easier has just released one of the slickest iPhone apps I’ve ever seen. Protrada’s platform has already become a huge hit and now they’ve gone a step further and released an iPhone app that gives you the same great interface and functionality on the go.

protrada_app1The new app allows Domainers to easily participate in the domain aftermarket like a stock investor would interact with a popular trading platform. Their user interface is second-to-none making it easy to keep track of all your aftermarket activity in one place. For me, a solution like this has been a long-time coming since it’s quite a challenge to manage aftermarket activity on a mobile browser.

protrada_app2This fills a major gap that we’ve had in the domain aftermarket for…well forever really. Using a mobile browser to access NameJet, Pool, and Go Daddy is far from an idea experience. In most cases bidding on domains from your iPhone has been a laborious process involving lots of zooming and scrolling. As you can see from the image above Protrada’s new app makes the process easier than ever before. As someone like me who is constantly hopping on flights and traversing the globe this app is an absolute must-have.

Here’s just a few of the comments already being made about the new app:

“I just checked two auctions I was bidding on while waiting in line for coffee. I am no longer tied to my computer!” (Craig Ashley Russell)

“Have been a buyer in the aftermarket for some time, finally i have this app to help manage this complex process.
It’s Awesome I love it….” (Andrew Chinn)

If you want to give the app a try for yourself just head on over the the app store. If you don’t have an account with Protrada yet, don’t worry – you can sign-up for a completely free trial right now!

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  • Pinky Brand November 10, 2011, 6:37 am

    Nice post. Anyone addressing mobile users needs now in the domain business (or any other mainly online business) will get a leg up on the competition IMHO. Agreed that’s is fabulous and well thought out…but only if you’ve got an iPhone in this case.

    What about domainers that use Android devices, or anyone else around the world using other devices such as an iPad and so forth? Perhaps there is thought about this at Protrada, but having an iPhone app is not a mobile strategy, it’s only part of one. If most domainers who would use this service are only using iPhones then great, but if not there is likely a larger market need that needs addressing by anyone who gets lots of traffic. Considering that some estimates state that mobile is at least 15% of all traffic that means if your site does not work well on mobile it’s like shutting your store/site down 1 day a week.

    With the advent of HTML5 more and more folks will be developing mobile web applications that work on all devices, not just the iPhone and can utilize device detection so they continue to advertise their most popular URL and get rich analytics on their traffic and types of mobile devices that are accessing their content. Then no need to develop, manage, bug fix, release for multiple platforms or deal with ‘app store’ requirements or censorship. Adult industry and others are already starting to figure this out.

  • Web Hosting November 10, 2011, 10:30 pm

    Protrada is really nice place to buy and sell domains. It saves a lot of time.. It’s better that they have released phone application.. Cool

  • Vitaly Makarkin November 11, 2011, 1:04 am

    Really amazing news in the selling and buying domains buzz.

    Waiting for Androids devices.


  • Troy Rushton November 13, 2011, 5:13 pm

    Hey thanks for the feedback guys. The Android version is only days away…watch this blog!

  • Vitaly Makarkin November 16, 2011, 8:31 am

    Awesome, will waiting for it.


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