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So I decided to send another email asking for to verify the validity of their company. Any company should be able to provide a phone number, address, or at least state where they are conducting business. For any service like domain appraisals the customer has a right to know the qualifications of the appraiser. So here’s the email, we can all await the response…


provide me your business telephone and address. I am still concerned about the
legitimacy of your company. Can you provide me information about the people who
appraise the domain names? What are their qualifications? What service do you
get these people from? Where is your business operated from, the U.S. or
overseas? This is information that you need to be able to supply to customers –
every business in the U.S. does it!

would like to make you aware that without these responses I will be reporting
your company to the BBB who can decide the best next steps.

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  • Shirley M Leurquin January 3, 2008, 2:48 pm

    My name has been stolen.
    The Shirley you are replying to is fake. There is no other person with my name so far as I have been able to ascertain. It is not a common name.
    I have been looking for Leurquin names on while researching genealogy for some years and have never found another.
    I sometimes put my own name in just to see what comes up. This time I was expecting to see the obituary of my daughter who died in Houston in early October.
    Imagine my shock at seeing myself listed as a scammer.
    How did he get it and why is he using it??
    Well on October 31, I got an email asking if I wanted to sell a domain I had up for sale awhile back at godaddy.
    I was not in any condition to fool around with domains at the time. I did not answer that email.
    I am not certain it was that email or one I receiver earlier wanting to know if I was interested in buying a different domain which complements another I own, but I believe it was the Oct 31 one.
    At any rate this is spreading my name around the internet like wildfire. Since I do have domains I am thinking of selling, it’s a real pain.
    I don’t know if he decided to use my name because he was irritated that I didn’t reply or he thought I was dead or what?? but it is certainly aggravating.
    What do I do now. I don’t like to use proxies for domain holding
    Shirley M Leurquin


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