Quick Flip – StimulusCheck(.)info

After seeing such strong results with StimulusChecks(.)info I thought it would be great to flip another site myself. Setting a time limit of two hours – I set to work. For those who missed my previous posts – StimulusChecks(.)info made $80 in it’s first week. It is still pacing at over $200/month!

I wanted to design a very different page from what was located on StimulusChecks(.)info. I spend about five minutes going through stock photography to pick the best image for the site. I liked the idea of someone handing money over to you on a golden platter – with a stimulus check this is essentially what the government is doing! Eye-contact is also important and a rule from Marketing 101.

I incorporated Google Adsense, Amazon Products, and ClickBank products to monetize the site. Now – it’s time to sit back and see if it sees the same jaw-dropping traffic that it’s brother has! You can view the completed site for yourself at StimulusCheck(.)info.

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  • Jamie Parks May 30, 2008, 3:43 pm

    Turned out nice. Clean nav, light layout. Great job.

  • Alan May 30, 2008, 8:04 pm

    The site looks great. Let us know if it monetizes better than the plural. I’d love to know if its type in navigation traffic or search traffic. I think we are at the point the search box is going to over take type in navigation. Internet users are maturing


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