Gets Another 6.5 Million in Funding – a company that provides online bus ticket bookings in India received 6.5 million in funding this week from Helion Venture Partners. This is a great example of a .in name in action being used to build a major global brand. One of the other interesting things about this company is that it really doesn’t take a pretty website to get funding, it just takes a great idea and service.


While the site is not horribly ugly it certainly isn’t a great looking site – the focus is functionality and when it comes to booking a bus trip this really is all you need. Helion Venture partners is no stranger to investing in Internet companies as they also funded and a number of other ventures.

As a Domainer I look at these deals with an investors eye (or at least I try to!) and try to understand how the domain name adds value to the business. In the case of this is one of those names that is easy to remember and for me I get the image of one of those classic British tour buses in my head. Either way since you’re booking a bus trip it does make a lot of sense to have the word “bus” in the domain.

The domain name was registered in February of 2007 and is owned by a different company than the owner of which is a company that acquires struggling businesses and turns them around…which to me seems like a pretty crappy use of the name, shouldn’t they have gone with something with the word “business” or “biz” in it and leave for someone that does something bus-related?

Either way it doesn’t seem to have impacted, they have their .in domain and now another 6.5 million bucks to spend on expanding their business. Just another great example of what happens when you turn a simple domain name into a real business!

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  • Joe May 19, 2011, 6:40 am

    Very nice article, Morgan. I’m a great fan of .in domains, which to me are great not only for businesses based in India (a would be more suitable in this case), but also for global brands that have nothing to do with India. I think the most notable example of this is

  • Divam Sharma May 19, 2011, 11:09 am

    Nicely Presented!
    India has a population of around 1.21billion and hence has a vast opportunity for the Internet business.
    Hoping for some more articles from you on Indian ventures!

  • RJ May 20, 2011, 6:58 am

    Morgan, in fact this shows that a generic / exact search match domain is not all that its hyped up to be. By providing a service to meet a genuine need, they established a successful business. They could have been called Gold, Blue, Pink, Cream, Magenta, Silver – all hand regable.

    My recommendation to domainers is stop focusing on buying / selling domains and focus on building a business!

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