Selling for North of $20,000 on Flippa

I was browsing through the closing auctions on Flippa when I saw that the Domain Name, had over 40 bids and was closing today. I don’t think I’ve heard of many big domain sales on Flippa but this is a killer name, going at a very high price for the Flippa community.


With over 40 people bidding on this domain, domain investors have to wonder if Flippa might be a new platform for selling their domains? I don’t have enough experience with Flippa to tell you whether it’s a great platform to sell your domains or not. I personally use Flippa to buy domains/sites with existing traffic and revenue. Sure – I still browse through drop-lists but for my business I’m much more focused on assets that already produce passive income, rather than those that have the potential to if developed-out and marketed.

Domainers looking to buy some good revenue domains may find some great deals at Flippa, just be careful – Flippa is filled with scammers, do your homework and make sure the stats/data they are providing make sense. I really wish that Flippa had DNWStats integrated inside it – would make life a lot easier!

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  • Alan September 7, 2010, 4:16 pm

    You are one of the smart people in this industry in my book but to say this is a killer name is wrong. Its far from it – a mediocre to poor name at best.

    Any branding will only most likely be remembered as or The use of these two keywords together is about as senseless as the Google data showing 3,600 people a month are stupid enough to search for this. Google data is not always right and I bet this is one of those cases plus with 3,600 exact its not really any kind of deal at 20k either.

    People do not search for refinance mortgages – they search for refinance mortgage.

    Imo the buyer got suckered and we will see this name make the rounds again. In fact, between and these 2 provide an awful lot of entertainment.

    You are right about Flippa though – some good deals there, been watching it for a while.

  • Leonard Britt September 7, 2010, 4:58 pm

    One never knows for sure the buyer’s motivations but I believe the value is more in the current search ranking than in the domain itself. The domain is OK, is a .COM and has some (though not impressive) search volume. Mortgages are a high-value service. But how a five-page minisite with only twenty-three inbound links makes it to PR5 and page one of Google is an illustration of how Google’s search algorythm still has flaws. Would I backorder this domain at Namejet or Snapnames if I saw it in a drop list? I’m not sure. But I have more logical financial domains than this one available at a fraction of the price.


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