Register for NamesCon before Midnight – Save $200 + Get Free Wine From Me!

Last call for NamesCon tickets at the $399 price point. Tonight at midnight ticket prices go up to $599 which to be honest is still an incredibly low price for a conference like this but heck, $399 is $200 cheaper so if you want to lock in a low rate, now really is the time.

To sweeten the deal I thought I’d add in a little special of my own. Here’s how it’s going to work and yes I’m keeping it simple. Buy a ticket to NamesCon between now and midnight (starting the timer at 10:00PM PST) and shoot me an email and I’ll bring a nice bottle of California wine to Las Vegas and hand deliver it to you at the Tropicana.

I did something similar to this last year with Paul Goldstone and he walked-away with an incredible bottle of Santa Barbara wine.


So if you’ve been on the fence about NamesCon, saving $200 + getting an awesome bottle of wine from me should move you right off that fence and over to Vegas, right? I’m not going to put a limit on this so if 50 people sign-up in the next two hours I will be spending a small fortune on wine. It all starts…now!

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  • Anunt January 7, 2014, 11:01 pm

    Want to save even more money?
    Goto and book a room at Hooters Casino Hotel for only $23 per night…they are located 2 minutes walk from Tropicana.
    Or u can gamble for couple hours and stay at high end casino hotels for FREE…just sign up for players card and gamble for couple hours and go see a casino host and ask for Free Room and Free food….i am staying at Aria for free…i have enough points on my players card since i play there all the time!!!
    One more tip…limo drivers will take u free to any strip club…they get paid by the strip club…so free limo ride to any strip clubs
    Good Luck and have fun!!!

  • Donna Mahony January 10, 2014, 3:31 am

    I signed up early but it was worth popping over here to see that great pic of Morgan and Paul!


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