Saying Thanks To The People Who Protect Our Rights As Domain Investors


ICANN 46 is taking place in Beijing this week and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to a few people who are fighting for all of our rights as domain investors. It can be easy to gloss over the announcements coming out of ICANN and I’ll admit that when I first started in the industry I couldn’t read through the ICANN-related news stories, I wanted the exciting stuff like big sales and Reverse Domain Hijackers exposed.

Then one day I woke up and found that domain investing was my primary income source, then I quit my job and it became 100% of my income. That’s when it really sunk in, what happens at these meetings matters, big time. As I became more involved with the industry I also learned that there were people who were out there fighting for our rights and representing domain investors around the world. They do this for free and ask for no credit or recognition, they are the people who make it possible for all of us to do business and protect our rights.


It wasn’t until I joined the ICA that I saw the real time and energy that was being put into fairly representing investors and the commitment to keeping our industry and the businesses within it alive and well. The ICA, along with a few unsung heros are fighting for our rights and doing a damn good job.

I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” to five people in particular (though there are many more!) who are sacrificing their time and giving their all to move our industry forward and protect the rights of domain owners. Thank you:

Phil Corwin

Michael Berkens

Gregg McNair

George Kirikos

Nat Cohen

If you don’t know who any of these people are, take a minute to do a quick Google search for them. These are the guys who are making it possible for you to do what you do for years to come.



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  • Jeff Schneider April 10, 2013, 7:40 am

    I hope someone at ICA reads this ! IIMPORTANT ISSUE BEING LOW ON PRIORITY LIST !

    Why Reverse Domain Name Hijacking needs to be a Real Penalty !

    All of the TLD extensions will mean nothing witout New Lease Holder Protections , if UDRPs and the uncertainty and ease with which Felons can try to steal Virtual Business Fondations from their rightful owners is not Checked.

    Everything we speak of is tied to the secondary markets Valuations , the cash cow engines that supply the catalyst for our Industry.

    The cuurent situation of uncertainty with weak Lease Holder Protections, severely impacts and suppresses Secondary Market Valuations!

    Uncertainty in Stock Markets cause Bear Narkets. I think you know the far reaching implications here.

    Its in registrars best interests in the long run to fight for New Tougher Lease Protections.

    Why are you not seeing this? Why do registrars not want tougher Lease holder protections ?

    Where there are valuable Assets you find big rats trying to get at the cheese!

    Why are registrars not fighting for protections?

    We are not going away on this subject, its paramount, to all of us lease holders.

    We are here to tell you that if registrars and ICANN wanted to shore up Leaseholder protections they could do this in a New York minute. my question to you and others is why havent they done this???

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  • bounan April 10, 2013, 9:27 am


  • Joe April 10, 2013, 4:20 pm

    Indeed we must help these people you describe in your post and more who do not know their names and fight for this market and industry it is more transparent than paper, plastic wrap for freezing a food product to be retained.

    Really do not think they get it, I’m skeptical that a market and industry where dirt is king transparency is difficult to eradicate.

    Power is money and this buys everything, this market and industry moves much money as both classes and in all markets and industries, sectors where I worked always the same is the country that is, there is no remedy never exceeds that fight will not be cleaned.

    When you look to switch from one ICANN registrar you realize that there are companies that only registers domain names for another great gTLD ICANN registrar, that this gTLD domain name on Sedo for sale or auction, the net benefit is be the same as always and it is legal for them, not for you or if it’s good, is not it? .

    There is much more but you will never clean up before write and let you know how good we must admit, as much as other people work at it, if we were interested we too would help them, but this is not good for the business of each or not?.

    Had interest already be solved for years around the market and industry gTLD domain names, ccTLD, but others send more and you must live in the seminars, events in which you participate, but do not like and do not accept it, at the end you can not do anything, there is what is written there by the skin of each birth in a world that is hell and heaven is blue say, if it is clouded by the Co2.


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