Sedo vs. Afternic – What Performs Better For You?

This post brings me back, way back, since I actually wrote my first post comparing Sedo and Afternic back in 2007, almost ten years ago. Since then I’ve continued to use both services and while I honestly don’t see a ton of sales through either, I do get a sale here and there.

Last week I sold for $5,000 on Sedo (was listed as “make offer”), it was a pretty quick process but I’ll be honest in saying that I’m pretty surprised at how old and clunky the Sedo interface is. While Sedo did give their main site a facelift, the backend still looks like it’s trapped in the 90’s.

The last domain name I sold through Afternic was back in January of this year for $2,000.

Update: There was/still is a bug in Afternic that doesn’t show all the domains I sold, I actually sold two other domains this year through them, and

No I don’t just sell one-word .IO domains (I sold a one-word .COM through an inbound offer via Uniregistry last month) but for some reason these are the ones that have sold through Sedo and Afternic this year. With a sample size of two (four) I can’t say I have enough recent experience with either of these platforms to really share which one performs better. For me, most of my sales come from inbound offers either through Uniregistry or Efty and their respective landing pages.

I have a solid track-record with Uniregistry/Domain Name Sales and that has been the #1 referrer for domain sales for me. Efty is a new one for me and I just started using it a few months ago so I can’t comment on how well their landing pages perform yet.

Which is why I’m now turning to you. For those of you who have done more than one or two sales this year with Sedo and Afternic I’d be interested to know which one performs better for you and feedback that you have on either.

Now it’s your turn, comment and let your voice be heard!

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  • Bob July 6, 2017, 5:03 am

    I use Sedo domain offer pages at no charge with my own exclusive marketplace Domains Feast which is user or mobile-friendly and also some good domain parking statistics received as well as few sales already made this year. Most important of all, I only pay 10% commission for BIN sales with Sedo plus fast transfer & own free escrow service compared with 20% commission payable for Afternic (now owned by GoDaddy) with too large inventory which can be difficult to navigate.

  • Andrew Hyde July 6, 2017, 8:11 am

    I’ve done about equal with both, but haven’t done that much on either to have a valid perspective, but I have domains for sale on my web site directly pointing to Sedo now. I had them going to Afternic before, but in recent weeks there was a change in ATT as service provider that is using IP v6 and visiting Afternic with IPv6 yields a 403 forbidden page. Not wanting a potential purchaser to end up on a 403, I changed it to Sedo. (I did contact Afternic to see when they would be able to handle the change, but they said they had no idea when it would be complete.)

    I know Afternic has a higher commission and figured that could be offset with their 247 phone support, but didn’t want any dead links. Overall, I do more sales with direct contact from buyers using the Whois or an email form I created for each landing page.

    Good topic!

  • July 6, 2017, 8:19 am

    We have had a lot of success with Sedo for .ie domains as they are the 1st to offer our ccTLD for sale (Ireland) and .com’s sales via DNS. Cheers, Alan

  • Equalizer July 6, 2017, 8:26 am

    Stay away from Afternic MLS, the registrars affiliated with the program (eg: ENOM, Name, etc) raise prices at their own discretion, you might have a domain listed with Afternic for say 5000 USD BIN and the MLS participants can (and do) raise the price to whatever they want usually is 15% ( so the 5000USD price is changed to $5750 so they will double dip by keeping the $750 added plus their Afternic MLS Comision…)
    I found a few that are doubling the price… search for your Afternic listings at ENOM or Name and you will see… so unethical.

  • Nick July 6, 2017, 8:27 am

    Neither. performs much better than either of those two. Quick payouts, higher payouts (for me at least), incredibly fast replies from staff, many options on how to set up pages. Sometimes you do not want to display ads just in case you have a domain name that is similarly close to a product / UDRP avoidance, Google Analytics integration so you know who is visiting your domains… tons more. Love that place. Sedo and Afternic are old school now.

  • Mark September 26, 2017, 1:12 pm

    I list at Sedo and Afternic. I have BIN prices on nearly everything. I prefer the process at Afternic as the payment is taken immediately, and I know it’s good when they tell me I made a sale; versus Sedo, where the process takes longer and buyers can change their mind. Also, I waste a lot of time with buyers at Sedo tying up my name for a while Sedo tries to get the payment from them, until they ultimately don’t pay.

    Afternic is 20% commission and Sedo is 10% for me. I’m not one of those guys who complains about sales channels getting a cut — I’m happy for the sale. However, I do try and price the name on Afternic about 5-10% higher than I do for the same name at Sedo.

    But here’s the greatest thing about Afternic. If you have your names at Godaddy, which I do, when someone tries to register a name at Godaddy (or one of its partners), it tells the user the price and they can buy it right there. It works great for lessor valuable names as less sophisticated buyers don’t know a name is unavailable until they try to register it, and most know the name Godaddy over the others. And the way they word the sale of such a name sounds just like they are registering it, not buying it from a third party. Given how little many potential buyers know about domain pricing, they might think that $499, for example, is actually the price to register a name–so they just click to buy.

    Sedo is old school, their interface is clunky and their customer service is horrible. Overall, Sedo is simply slow in all aspects.

    But I sell at both all the time, probably about -5-8 names as each every month.

    • JeSse October 27, 2019, 10:09 pm

      Hi Mark,
      Just curious if you could drop a link to a portfolio or some of your listings…?
      I’ve been casually domaining for the last ten years, a lil more seriously the last couple few years, yet I’ve seldom had a sale at all… like literally none – until this past year I sold maybe three – And being that I’ve never met anyone who is into domaining – in person nor via the internet – I’ve been rather “in the dark” so to speak … guessing a lot … So I was rather thrilled to find this thread, with a handful of seemingly serious domainers who actually have regular sales… lol … as I’ve wondered if I’m pricing mine too high … ? … or is it that I’ve been limited to Godaddy & Sedo … ? … or perhaps it’s just that I’ve been to frugal in not spending money on paid promotion to get my domains in front of the prospective buyers who might actually be looking for them … ?
      You said you sell 5-8 per month and that sparked my curiosity as to what you might be doing different … so I had to ask & see if perhaps I could at least answer any of my own questions via observation of your listings if nothing else …
      Certainly Anything & Everything in the way of a response would be greatly appreciated~
      Thanks so much~
      All The Best~
      Mr. JeSse BLAkTi @ http://www.10x.Domains & < < <

  • Joe September 26, 2017, 2:41 pm

    Sedo is the archetype of a glorious past that does not change and never change is his way of working which for some would be better a change and if there is not it is because they already do well. I particularly believe that having changed and has not done so is still the same as when I met her without being domainers.

    Afternic was much better before without Godaddy now I do not like it as much as they write that they have changed, Afternic is an intermediaria sales of premium gTLD domains of great valuations that are not sold are rented to third parties.
    I have and see my valuation in Estibot $ 1000, then look for others with this short three words and find valued in Estibot for $ 500 but above can be seen written: $ 300,000 for sale when clicks appears Afternic but if you know to look for in Google you find that it is not sold it is rented to a company of UK that does of intermediary.

  • Donovan October 3, 2018, 7:22 pm

    I wouldn’t use Sedo, the company does some pretty terrible things, ethically just the worst. My personal experience is they have sold domains that are not eligible to be placed on their partner sites and when time comes they will claim they were listed there for the 25% commission. If you do use Sedo make sure you you verify which site or sites you domains will be listed on. I questioned them on this fact and support now doesn’t even respond to me. They will list your account in some type of sandbox where none of your domains will show up in search results and will only show up if someone searches for a the domain specifically. I’ve brought this up not only to support but to the General Manager Paul Fawell and got no reply from him either.

    Do yourself a favor and place your domains somewhere else.

  • CHISOM ONYEKE February 17, 2020, 9:13 am

    I’m still learning on which one to sells better?


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