Sift Raises $2M To Bring Users A Personalized Shopping Experience On The iPhone


Today personal shopping platform Sift announced they have raised a $2M seed round from Unity Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, Grey Corp and several others. The funding comes alongside their new app that does exactly as the name sounds, helping users sift through all the different offers they get delivered to their inbox each day so they can shop them all in one place.

Saurin Shah, Sift co-founder and CEO, says he had the idea for the service from watching the way the women in his family shopped and used their iPads. Browsing was a form of entertainment for them, he found, observing how they would migrate from social apps like Facebook and Pinterest to retailer websites and elsewhere. But unlike on the desktop, shopping on iPad was not then an ideal experience, which is why they first began to work on Sift. (Source – TechCrunch)

The company is currently running on and as I’ve said many times before I don’t necessarily think that an app-focused company needs to own their exact-match .COM. Also is the main site for a UK-based marketing agency so there’s little chance we’ll see this domain change hands.

This is when I think startups have to decide whether to stick with a two-word .COM like or go with a .CO or a .ME and brand around something like, or What do you think? Should Sift stick with the name they have or would a one-word .CO or .ME make a difference?

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  • DN Promos November 22, 2013, 3:32 pm

    I think is better than rebranding to a shorter non-.COM tld.

    Overstock learned that lesson with

  • Alan Dodd, November 23, 2013, 3:42 am

    One thing I get from this and recent examples such – the power of a cool, single word as regards a business brand name.

    I expecially like “Sift” – I just have to hear what they do once and I get it. If they can indeed help shoppers “sift”, then hopefully bingo! – I don’t know for the life of me still what they do, despite reading the article on them.

    One problem with these cool single word brands – Google SEO. It might be quite hard to get to the top of Google for “Koala” as it’s popular animal.

    I just checked for “Koala” and I can’t see the startup on the first page. I can’t see Sift (the startup) either, however they are coming up for “Sift shopping”.

    This might be a couple of brownie points to the coined “one words” such as on brandbucket.

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