Small Business Sunday: Use Splashtop To Run Your Business From Your iPad

Let’s be honest, the iPad changed the world. Whether you are using an iPad or another one of the zillion other tablets out there, the iPad made the tablet cool. Of course the iPad does have many limitations, which means bringing both a laptop and an iPad with you. The portable office didn’t get easier, it actually gained one device…until now.

I recently discovered a very cool new app that makes it possible to control your laptop or desktop computer directly from your iPad – Splashtop. Couple this with a Bluetooth keyboard and you can travel with nothing but an iPad and still have the access and horsepower of your standard computer.

splashtop_siteI’ve used Splashtop to be able to use Microsoft Office on my iPad and access all my documents natively on my local computer. What I also like about this is that nothing is ever stored on your iPad. This means if my iPad is stolen tomorrow I don’t lose any of my files, or give the thief access to all of my emails.

There are lots of people using Splashtop to improve their business and workflow. Below are a few videos highlighting some of the cool ways the app is being used right now!

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  • owen frager October 23, 2011, 10:28 pm

    This is Cloud Computing and what iCloud is supposed to do- make your pc reside on a website so you can access it from any device without native apps or bandwidth to run it. There is also a video- somewhere on my site- which shows a forthcoming apple product where a keyboard is laser beamed onto any surface and you won’t need to carry a bluetooth. Ironically many years ago an engineer was headed to Apple with a prototype and was sitting next to me on a flight using it.

  • October 24, 2011, 3:36 am

    Simply amazing application. It reminded me of my multimedia classes.
    It will definitely a different and exciting experience while using this application.

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