So I officially suck at sending #Domainer shirts in the mail

For any of my readers who went to NamesCon this year, you got a shiny new #Domainer shirt. It was a blast connecting up with so many readers in Vegas and a lot of fun to walk around and see people wearing the shirt.


For those who didn’t make it to NamesCon, I told you I would put the shirts in the mail when I got back…and well, it turns out I suck at shipping shirts since I haven’t gone to Fed Ex yet to being the process.

While a lot of people say “I’m just too busy to do ______” I think that’s BS. Sure, I’m busy, but we’re all busy. I just don’t think I’ve prioritized shipping these out enough and I feel bad about that. So I brought the shirts to the office, which now means they are closer to getting out the door.

I will be shipping these shirts all over the world since my readership is global and it’s pretty cool to think of all the places these shirts will go. So I just wanted to fall on my sword and say, I suck at shipping shirts, I’m not too busy I just didn’t prioritize this, but you will be getting a shirt if you told me you wanted one.

Thanks again to all my readers from around the world who helped to design these shirts, I can’t wait to send one your way. If you missed the boat on these I don’t think I’ll be doing this again anytime soon so these really are one of a kind.

Some people have suggested that I print more and sell them but I honestly have no interest in selling clothes, that doesn’t sounds like fun, and given how bad I am at shipping…I don’t think I’d be very good at it either.

So for those who have a #Domainer shirt, enjoy it, you’re part of a very small group of people with one. Thanks again for reading and helping me design this shirt, now to get these off my desk and into the mail!

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  • Jose April 24, 2019, 10:06 am

    Hello friend Morgan,

    I do not remember if I asked for a “Domainer ” shirt if it was not like that, you can send it to me and have the size XXL or XL if I do not have the first one.

    I send my address, city etc to you email contact your blog.

    Happy Day. Jose.

  • Matt Holmes April 24, 2019, 11:36 am



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