So, someone just bought


It’s official, has sold as part of a bulk domain sale that landed somewhere in the mid seven-figure range. The company that acquired it, One Planet Ops, isn’t new to the domain game, and they also know how to put monster names like this to work.

“Major domain names like this one don’t often change hands these days,” said Zamani, “so we’re incredibly excited about the enormous potential of—and when it launches we expect it to alter the landscape of our state’s global web presence.”

One Planet’s staffing in California, Zamani added, will increase over time by at least 40 employees working on

(Source – PR Newswire)

So who the heck is One Planet Ops?


They do a lot of things so stick with me as I go through the list. First things first, their largest operating business is (formerly, a leading locally targeted marketing solution. Their next largest property is, on online network of local business owners. Not surprisingly, along with running businesses of their own they also invest in and incubate startups.

We invest in seed stage emerging technology companies and help founders turn imaginative ideas into thriving businesses. In addition to capital, we provide interested entrepreneurs with incubator services, hands-on coaching and guidance from successful veteran entrepreneurs. (Source – One Planet Ops)

The founder of One Planet ops is Payam Zamani, who is a very successful entrepreneur and angel investor. According to his Crunchbase profile, Zamani has made 8 personal investments and already seen three exits…which any investor can tell you is an incredible hit rate. And, not because I got creepy and did a ton of research on Zamani…but his Crunchbase profile also listed that he has a degree in Environmental Toxicology which goes to show what an under-rated degree this is! I kid.

I think really is likely the most perfect buyer I can think of for a domain like They have companies in the local business space, know how to build and scale companies, and now they own one of the largest pieces of digital real estate out there. Given that I live in California, it’s also exciting to know that someone’s finally going to put something cool on this domain 😉

Congrats to Zamani and team, bring on!

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  • Snoopy August 22, 2018, 11:35 pm

    Surprised the tourist bureau didn’t buy it. I see ads on TV all the time for (In Australia). If they are advertising like that in Australia who knows what they are spending worldwide.

  • Darko August 22, 2018, 11:39 pm

    This domain is priceless, imo. Congrats to the buyer and thanks Morgan for this info!

  • Richard Morris aka Bulloney August 23, 2018, 12:22 am

    It’s incredible buys like this that inspire me to buy other state/country domains like IncredibleFlorida(.)com. IncredibleCa(.)com is available, but I took a pass. Even IncredibleAustralia(.)com was gone as was IncredibleCalifornia(.)com

    Thanks Snoopy for the idea to take “IncredibleFlorida(.)com to the tourist bureau. Where do I send your commission check?

    • August 23, 2018, 1:13 pm is a far superior domain to Which word do you think is easier for the average American and ESL tourist to remember and spell correctly?

      • Richard Morris aka Bulloney August 23, 2018, 1:58 pm

        Hey…I don’t disagree that VisitFlorida(.)com is a better domain than IncredibleFlorida(.)com, however Visit Florida is already in use, and it appraises for over 100K, and is probably worth every penny.

        Florida is a HUGE state with a huge economy, and it truly is “incredible” from Orlando and Disney to thousands of miles of beaches, to Key West, to Championship Golf, to the largest concentration of retiree’s anywhere in the world.

        Thanks for the critique….in case you didn’t know, Florida(.)com is even better than VisitFlorida(.)com, but it’s not available for purchase either.

        And for the record…to show I do research like you obviously do, Estibot appraises Florida(.)com for 1.14M and VisitFlorida(.)com for 191K, and guess what IncredibleFlorida(.)com appraises for???

        Thank God, I know enough to ignore the so called experts in this industry, lol!


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