Some pretty slick domain marketplaces are being built on Efty

Efty wrote a blog post recently showcasing some of the marketplaces that have been built using their platform and it’s pretty darn impressive. Along with generating for sales landing pages on your domains, Efty makes it easy to quickly setup a marketplace to showcase your portfolio and make it easy for people to search for domains directly on your own marketplace.

Over the years Efty has continued to improve the design aesthetic of both their landing pages and marketplaces, and some of the examples they shared in a recent blog post highlighted some pretty amazing sites, here are my three favorites:




In the past building marketplace sites like these would require hiring both a developer and a designer, and often bringing them back in the mix when you buy or sell domains to update the site. Which of the marketplaces above is your favorite? Do you have a marketplace powered by Efty? Feel free to share it in the comment section below!

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  • Jose September 25, 2018, 3:45 pm

    Having already seen other similar ones that you post in your post, I see in what also had long ago, the style is very similar, the services can be more advanced.

    I prefer to end it in my blog wordpress (I go back again, go fast to post entries and subscribers make comments and gradually expand with my services etc with a designer) include space for landing pages, and another space for sale expired premium domains, among other services.

    By having the best premium domains with the Broker in the US.

    All the domains that have registered go through online advertising etc, as being done for a long time in the EU market, buy massive domain with registrant etc., privacy is thus better there is no cost, then online advertising with US suppliers and make a very good money every month and after two months sell at 150 USD each, I have a fixed buyer EU and now look for another fixed buyer in the US as I want to expand the purchase and sale with more domains (.com) in two markets .

    From the month of July to 26th September, investing enough money in new and expired premium domains, the best new domains to have in, now I have 315 never before having so many new and very interesting domains (The intensive use of searching for keywords get to find many domains all for advertising and a majority to the broker, and others for Joint Venture year 2019

    Next month of November new Startup and the team that already have interesting web projects for the global market to get to know and I hope to fulfill my goals of years ago.

    Morgan the fashion research project I have parked, the years have gone by very quickly although it is still very interesting and if there was a brand interested in investing, (there is none) and if there is one, go ahead but I only direct from a distance.

    Happy Day.

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    it’s a user friendly marketplace as well as DaaZ team supporting the customers round the clock by live chat. Register with and be a happy DaaZian.


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