Speaking at INET Asia Hong Kong 2010

I am very excited to say that I just finished my first speaking engagement in the Domaining world and it was a blast! I was invited to speak at INET Asia (INETHK.Asia) – a conference in Hong Kong about Opportunities and Challenges in the Next Generation Internet.

My presentation was titled: Strategic Domain Portfolio, SEO and Traffic Development. This is a topic I am very passionate about and it was a lot of fun presenting it at the conference.

Since I am currently in Toronto I presented via Video Conference. Given the time difference my presentation slot came-in 3:00AM EST. So I went to bed at around 12, then set my alarm and woke-up at 2AM. I gave my talk and then stayed-up until about 5:30AM for the Q&A session.

Initially I thought I would be tired however I think the excitement and exhilaration of speaking at the conference made me feel like I had just slept the whole night!

I would like to give a HUGE thanks to the Dot Asia organization for inviting me to speak at the event. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others and look forward to speaking at more conferences in the future.

If you would like a copy of the presentation I gave at the conference I am happy to share! Just shoot me an email and I’ll send it over.

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  • Reeve Lin April 15, 2010, 1:42 am

    Nice to attend your session about SEO, you give me much idea to my business.

    • Morgan April 15, 2010, 1:51 pm

      Thanks @Reeve – I am very glad you enjoyed it!


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